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Russ Ravary~Real Estate Agent~ Oakland County Lake Homes

Hi! I am Russ Ravary. I grew up downriver in Allen Park. My education was like most of Michigan people, I applied for an in state college.

Working to pay my way through college I worked at a variety of jobs to pay the bills. Some of them were pouring basement walls (lots of digging), instructor at Vic Tanny’s, landscaping (more digging), working at General Motors Ypsilanti Hydromatic Transmission Plant, and as a copy machine salesperson at Royal Business Machines.

After going to Michigan State University for two years I decided to enjoy life and backpacked around Europe with some friends (back then it was Europe on $10 a day).

In order to finish paying for college on my own, I joined the military and served as a parachute packer for the Special Forces and an infantryman with the 82nd Airborne for 4 years.

While in the military I took night classes and graduated with a BA in Business from a small southern college.

I met a Southern gal while in the military.

We married and for a few years we lived in a hundred year old home on her father’s tobacco farm. I learned how to prime tobacco, raised a couple crops of watermelons on my own. Just think I could have been a gentlemen farmer raising tobacco but things turned out differently.

Fortunately my life took a great turn when I met my wife Marianne twenty-one years ago.

She slowed me down, settled me down, and gave me a purpose in life. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the time. We went through the battles of cancer and life together trying to put a positive light on what is handed to us while enjoying life with family and friends.

Sadly Marianne lost her battle with breast cancer in 2010. She was a great Italian lady, who loved to cook, and take care of people. She touched everybody with her kindness and her sweet likable personality. I was lucky to have shared my life with her for twenty one years.

We raised Ryan to be a good young man. Like most parents we have tried to give Ryan more than we had. We sent him to Catholic Central, watching him play football and then to MSU. Now he is living in Chicago and working at Sears as an analyst..

What matters most to you is that I have fifteen years of experience in the real estate and mortgage field.

I have worked with Chase Manhattan Bank helping mortgage brokers structure loans and submit them the right way. I have closed over $100,000,000 of loans in that period and helped many people into homes.

I have negotiated some good prices for homes and helped quite a few first time home buyers get their first home. But I am also proud that I have stopped some sales by getting a good inspector, and helped people take a step back when the house they wanted to buy was overpriced. I am the one that will give you the information, the comparables that you can make a sound decision.

My philosophy is be honest to people, give people good service, to charge a little less than your competitor because you will get more referrals and loyal customers. It all comes around to you. Over the years quite a few of my clients have become more than clients they have become friends. I hope that I can earn your trust and friendship.

Call me today at 248-310-6239

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Russ Ravary – REALTOR® | Keller Williams Realty – 2730 Union Lake Road Commerce Township, MI 48382