Pine Lake West Bloomfield homes

Pine Lake West Bloomfield Homes for Sale

Pine Lake is one of our most popular lakes to buy a home on and near. West Bloomfield has several lakes where you can find your dream home. After, all we are in the great lakes region of the country.

Discover the prime place for waterfront living!

Pine Lake is a private, all sports, 395-acre lake in West Bloomfield Township, Oakland County. It is located east of Orchard Lake, south of Pine Lake Road, west of Middlebelt Road, and north of Long Lake Road.

The 90-foot-deep (27 m) lake is the sixth-deepest lake in Oakland County.

Pine Lake has a marina on the lake. There is also a ski/wakeboard school that offers lesson on the lake.

In addition to a marina, Pine Lake Country Club is also located on the lake. The club has outdoor tennis courts, an indoor tennis house, swimming pool, and deck areas, renovated golf course, and a beautiful clubhouse. Members of the Pine Lake Country Club members enjoy golfing off of the water.

It was originally the Automobile Club of Detroit which started in 1902.  Some of the early members were John Dodge, Ransom Olds, Henry Ford, Ray Chapin, E.P. Hammond, W.C. Hartman, and James Couzens.

Experience natural beauty and gentle sounds of lakefront living here in Pine Lake.

Residents living in this recreational lake enjoy different water activities such as fishing, canoeing, kayaking, water skiing, and boating on Pine Lake.

Here in Pine Lake, one can simply dive off the private dock and into a crisp, freshwater lake, and spend the day boating or fishing.

This amazing lifestyle is what usually attracts buyers looking for Pine Lake West Bloomfield homes for sale.

The birth of Pine Lake

Pine Lake is an example of a kettle lake. Experts agree that the last period of glaciations shaped the landscape of Oakland County. As the glacier moved across the land it picked up the large amount of debris, which includes rocks, gravel, and trees. The glacier would carry all these debris along until the advancement stopped for some reason.

As the glacier melted, debris from the melting glacier surrounded and buried blocks of ice. Later, the buried blocks of ice melted and the materials which had buried them fell into the hole forming the existing lake basin.

Dreaming of waking up to the smell of the fresh country air?

Pine Lake West Bloomfield homes for Sale

Pine Lake is one of the best places to live lakefront right in Michigan, in West Bloomfield. High-end exclusive homes can be found throughout the shoreline of Pine Lake. The Pine Lake West Bloomfield homes for sale are large and luxurious.

Although there are still some 1940’s home left, almost all of the old Pine Lakefront homes have been torn down to make room for newer and bigger homes.

Some of them have been built in the last few years. One of the biggest homes on the lake is an 11,046 square foot home that is 7 bedroom, 12 baths, and 3 half baths, with a 3+ car garage on 2.35 acres.  

There are some homes as small as 1000′ square feet and lots of homes between 1500 – 5000 square feet.

Looking for a home in Pine Lake?

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